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Welcome to Great British Cakes, the home of Bussle and Bliss and our gorgeous baked sweet treats.

great british cakes handmade bussle and bliss
Handmade in the UK by our skilled bakers
great british cakes individual bussle and bliss
We don’t make large cakes, just individual treats
great british cakes local bussle and bliss
The finest ingredients, sourced locally as much as possible
At Great British Cakes we like to think that any time is a good time to treat yourself to a heavenly individual cake.  We don’t make large cakes, as sometimes you just want to eat something that is just for you.
All of our cakes are handmade in the UK by our skilled bakers.  We source our ingredients locally where we can as we much prefer to do business with local companies, it is just more fun as well as being better for the environment.  There aren’t any artificial flavours or colours in our cakes and we don’t use hydrogenated fat. 


The team at Great British Cakes have been supplying the British public with cakes for well over 15 years. However, you won’t know who we are as the cakes we made were produced for the Supermarkets and sold under the Supermarket’s brands.

Born in 2015, Bussle & Bliss has been created by our skilled bakers just for you. Our mission is to make great tasting, visually stunning individual cakes for our customers to enjoy at any time of the day.  It is time to put Great British cakes firmly back on the menu! If you are the kind of person that just loves to share those blissful times, why not get together with your friends and family and all experience some bliss together.
The team here at Great British Cakes are proud to present our NEW range of Fondant Fancies and not any old Fondant Fancy.  We have developed our own sponge recipe that stays soft and moist for longer.  Each cake has a gorgeous injection of flavour.  Instead of overpowering buttercream, we have topped our cakes with light and fluffy mallow and if all that is not enough, we have smothered our cakes with our secret fondant recipe.  All of this, would you believe is done by hand! We will be launching more NEW products through 2016 so watch out for them.


A real taste sensation, our Bussle and Bliss fondant fancies are handmade with layers of flavour and delicately covered with a gorgeous soft, silky fondant. Not too sweet, not too sticky, just right!
Enjoy over a cup of coffee with friends or simply kickback and enjoy, the choice is yours. Choose from four flavours:
bussle bliss passionfruit french fancies


Light passion fruit flavoured sponge filled with passion fruit preserve, a fluffy mallow topping and hand finished with soft fondant
bussle and bliss cakes
bussle bliss chocolate french fancies


Light chocolate sponge filled with Morello cherry preserve, a fluffy mallow topping and hand finished with soft fondant
bussle and bliss cakes
bussle bliss lemon french fancies


Lemon flavoured sponge filled with Sicilian lemon preserve, a fluffy mallow topping and hand finished with soft fondant
bussle and bliss cakes
bussle bliss caramel french fancies


Light hazelnut praline sponge filled with sea salted caramel sauce, a fluffy mallow topping and hand finished with soft fondant
bussle and bliss cakes


You can purchase our lovely cakes from our retail partners listed below.  Keep a look out for new retailers in the coming months.


bussle and bliss cakes
If you would like to sell our products, please contact Fiona who will advise which Distributors stock our products. Fiona can be contacted on 01244 422615 or send an email to Fiona@gorgcakes.co.uk.
If you are interested in wholesaling our products, please contact Fiona on 01244 422615 or email Fiona@gorgcakes.co.uk.


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